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Thrifty Car Rental

Thrifty Car Rental

Every traveller has different needs when it comes to hiring a vehicle, and we're confident that one of the smartest moves a business professional can make is to partner up with Thrifty Car rental.

Experts in tailoring solutions for companies, from personal travel to business trips to supplying commercial vehicles. What's more, we ensure that our accounts are set up to suit you and your business systems.

Car rental is ideal for taking the city at your pace. It also helps a lot if your accommodation Perth doesn't have public transportation to where you want to go. The city is easy to drive around. Australian roads move in the left-hand lane. Travellers from right-hand drive countries should bear this in mind.

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Hughes Chauffeured Cars - Limousines

Hughes Chauffeured Cars-Limousines

Hughes Chauffeured Cars - Limousines - Coaches is Perth's largest chauffeured driven vehicle company in WA. We are linked to other licensed operations with offices in every Australian capital city and major regional towns. We are also linked internationally with associate companies in 64 countries and 460 cities around the world. Our office is located close to the Perth Airport and is manned 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We specialise in transfers to and from airports, train stations and piers, hotel transfers, office transfers, complete transportation services for business and associate meetings, conventions, road shows, promotional tours, special events.

For travellers that want to take the city at their pace but aren't familiar with it, chauffeured rides are a good idea. Chauffeured limousines are a comfortable choice for experiencing what the city has to offer. The service will pick you up and drop you off at your short term apartments Perth.

269 Great Eastern Highway Belmont, WA 6104
+61 [0]8 9365 9777
Administration Hours:
8am-5pm (Monday to Friday)

Transperth Blue Cat Free Bus Service

FREE City Cats: FREE For All

Take advantage of Perth's Free Transit Zone to get around the city. As well as the distinctive CAT buses that run every few minutes on seperate circular routes around the city centre, ALL public transport is free within the zone which basically covers the whole city area between Kings Park and the Causeway. No tickets are required and there is no limit on the number of journeys you can make on any bus, train or CAT.

A FREE CAT bus also operates in Fremantle.

City CATS can be very busy, especially in lunch hour periods, as everybody uses them to get around. Well, why wouldn't they? By using the three regular Cat routes, you can make a really comprehensive tour of just about all of the city's main attractions. Download this PDF file for a route map and list of all the stops on the three different routes (Red, Blue and Yellow) and start planning your own tour of the city.

FREE City Cats are reliable and consistent. For people who want a "boots on the ground" feel to wandering around the city, the city cats are the best choice. The route covers all the major destinations and attractions, and the stops are within a short walk from our short term accommodations Perth.

Transperth Train

Train Service: Transperth Public Transport

Perth has one of the best transport services that I have ever come across. Not only is it easy and relaxing travelling, but the people who provide the service are also very friendly and helpful. I spent 13 months living in Perth and I was able to get around easily without owning a car. For long trips, however, outside the transport area, you will need a car or a tour.

All suburban trains pass or leave through Perth train station. There are four main train lines which lead to Armadale, Joondalup, Midland and Fremantle. Trains run on a regular basis.

Tickets may be purchased on the platforms from ticket mchines which take coins only. The ticket machines will calculate the fare for you and give you change. You can travel free on any bus or train as long as you board and alight within the Perth city centre's Free Transit Zone, an area covering all major shopping streets in Perth and Northbridge. There is also a free bus service, CAT system, which operates around central Perth.

Buses are just as efficient as the trains and it's possible to make connections between trains and buses to reach your destination. You can travel by both using the same ticket.

Travellers who want to go to outlying suburbs can take the train service. These are ideal for travellers who have out of the way accommodations Perth or want to avoid any possible traffic. The cars are comfortable, and transport is fast. The service can get busy during the peak hours, however.

Time-tables for countless destinations can be obtained at Perth Central Station on Wellington Street.

Transperth Bus Service

Transperth Bus Service

Transperth is the local bus/train company avaliable to everyone in the Perth region. Each time that I have used it, I have found it to be very reliable and very efficent.

A fare with TRANSPERTH is determined by a zone. Each zone covers a certain area within a particular radias. For example Zone one will cover areas which are within 10 kilometres of the Central Business district, once a person goes over that zone they must pay extra. If you are in doubt, tell your driver your destination and he or she will be able to advise you how many zones you will be covering and how much this will cost you. If you are on a train look at the board outside the waiting area while waiting for the train to arrive. You can also ask someone and most Perth people are more than happy to help you. A TRANSPERTH bus runs usually every eight to ten minutes and a train approximately every fifteen minutes.

Buying a fare entitles you up to three hours of travelling time, hang on to your ticket as you can use it again. When you are travelling in the heart of the city of Perth, there is no charge for travelling around. These buses are known as Free Transit Zone buses, there are also other smaller buses seen around the city which are known as Central Area Transit buses or CAT for short. These run every five minutes.

The bus service network is a great complement to the train service. Most stops are located near train stations, making transferring from one to the other easy. The buses also cover the suburbs of the city so that they can make travelling to and from some short term accommodations Perth more comfortable.

A Great idea is to purchase a Multi user ticket which is known as a multirider. This ticket allows the traveller to take as many trips on a bus/train/boat. These cost $50.00 (AUD).

Perth Ferry at the Swan River


At Sorrento, Hillarys Fast Ferries operates a 35metre high speed ferry - The Seaflyte to Rottnest Island. The air-conditioned ferry holds 300 passengers and also has a licensed kiosk onboard. the MV Seaflyte, a 35 metre twin engine high speed ferry. They operate several different tours (including Whale Watching and Twilight Cruises) and also have accommodation packages for Rottnest Island also.

They have a free coach pick-up from hotels, caravan parks and back packers accommodation around Perth city and other areas.

Relaxing and offering a look at the city that other forms of transport don't the ferry is an excellent choice. The trips are slower off the peak hours, but the river view makes up for it. The route has stops that are walking distance away from major attractions, as well as many short-term apartments Perth.